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NaNo Update: Seven Days into the Jungle

Cuz NaNo posts are all the rage these days. And when everyone else jumps off a cliff, it's better to be smashed on the rocks below than live a lonely existence. (I think that sums up the NaNo mindset pretty well--write like mad or perish.)

WELL! We are now seven days into the forest--a forest where typos spring up like weeds, characters friendly and malicious lurk in the shadows, and treacherous plot holes open up beneath our trooping feet when we least expect it. How are we faring, fellow adventurers?

So far, I've been having a ton of fun with my story. (Granted, I have fun with any excuse to procrastinate homework.) Finding time to write has been unusually day I came home from college to find the house empty and hours of write time stretching ahead of me. 'Twas bliss, I tell ye. I do not expect that to happen for nigh on another decade.

And now for some snippets! All pictures come from this Pinterest board

“Boy oh boy, I’d like ta see that. Barnstorming contest.…

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