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Know the Novel (November)! Within CSO.3: Operation Renegade

Eeeeep how is it the 20th already?? For the first ten days of November I had to restrain myself from writing this post, and then for the next  ten days I could never bring myself to quite finish it. C'est la NaNo.  Anywhozens. I've been pretty AWOL from the blogosphere lately, but I come to you today with Part 2 of Christine Smith's fantabulous linkup Know the Novel, which you can find here !  1. How's the writing going overall? Progress is slower than I'd like it to be, but the story itself is going well! So far I've managed to write at least a teeny  bit every day, so that's a victory; and while the plot isn't moving as quickly as I expected it to, I've enjoyed every minute of the time spent with my characters. ....Er....the majority  of minutes spent with my characters, at any rate. 2. What's been the most fun aspect about writing this novel so far? The chaaaaracteeeeers!  They're such a chaotic bunch. And they're finally a bunch . For

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