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Meet the Books! When Walter Came

Belle Anne of Worlds of Ink and Paper has come out with another Meet the Books! feature, and I could not be happier!

I shall take this opportunity to blabber for awhile about my summer work in progress.

What is the genre?

Historical romance.

What is the title? Time period?

The tentative title is When Walter Came. Another possible title is The Poet of Shady Grove...except I need to find another name for Shady Grove. (I didn't realize, when I christened the town, that the word "Shady" made it sound like a gangster hideout.)

It takes place in the 1930s.

How is it written? (POV, MC, etc.?)

The main characters are Walter and Elizabeth, my romantic couple. So they get most of the narrator's attention. Not all of it, mark you. But most of it.

POV leans more towards omniscient than intimate third person, I believe. It's supposed to sound old-fashioned and narrated. 

Who are the characters?

Elizabeth Rutherford: frazzled mistress of a boarding house

Walter Rodgers: poetic hobo who w…

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