The Mystery Blogger Award, Take 2

Hey-ho friends! I was tagged for this by the lovely Elizabeth, and a fun, breezy tag was just what I needed for this week. I've fallen off the wagon on keeping up with responding to comments, not to mention other peoples' posts, and am hoping to catch up on that somewhat this morning. But if I don't...know I'm coming eventually. :) 

Now. On to the tag!

the rules:

-Display the award logo on your blog.
-Mention Okoto Enigma, the creator.
-Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. (Thanks Elizabeth! You guys should go check out Autumn Ink, it's a lot of fun and there are gifs.)
-Answer 5 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
-Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
-Share the link to your best posts.
-Nominate 10-20 bloggers and tell them that they are nominated.
-Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice--including one weird or funny question.
-Continue the chain. 

5 questions:

What is the first pairing you remember shipping?

Fred and Daphne from Scooby-Doo. 

I still ship them, of course. Hard. Who couldn't? 

Freddy was probably my first serious fictional crush, and I wanted to be Daphne. 

(I grew up to be Velma instead. Which is fine. Fine, I tell you.) 

What is the weirdest, most unusual, or one-of-a-kind thing you own?


This is cheating, because it's not technically mine, but we have a copy of Orthodoxy with Dale Ahlquist's autograph in it. Mom picked it up at a homeschool conference years ago, way before I made the acquaintance of Chesterton, and since it was Mr. Ahlquist's talk that had convinced her to buy it she asked him to sign it. So he signed his name under the note, "I didn't write this book." XD 

If you had a surprise birthday party being thrown for you, what are 3 fictional characters you would want to be there and why? or (What fictional character would you want to pull a prank on someone with?)

I'm gonna answer both options because they're way too fun.

Option 1: the birthday party: it'd be so awkward to have my favorite characters walking around in real life. Like...I'd be weirded out. Does anyone else feel that? Like....I might not want to meet these people because...not even because they might disappoint me, but because I'm so wildly invested in them and they presumably know nothing about me, and it's just

I think it'd be less awkward if they were my own characters, honestly. Cuz I talk to them all the time anyway, and living in my head as they do they know me pretty well. So at the risk of sounding utterly egotistical, I'd roguish thief Dar, my steady-going grouch Jude, and my hyperactive prince Ferdinand.

Yeah. Those boys would keep things interesting. At least, Dar and Ferdinand would, and then Jude would be a nice, quiet person to have a serious conversation with if the constant shenanigans got a little overbearing. Dar would be pick-pocketing the guests and flirting with all the girls, and he'd make sure to engineer something utterly ridiculous and startling and fun for the actual "surprise" part of the party, and his presents would be phenomenal (but also need to be promptly returned to whomever he had stolen them from). Ferdinand, being royalty, would probably provide elaborate decorations and a catering service or something, but I promise that's not why I'm inviting him--I want him for his own endearing self. 

Option 2: the prank:

I'd lie to my family that I'd met the man of my dreams and I wanted them to meet him, and then I'd walk into dinner with Boromir. My sisters would geek out. Especially if he were wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses and arrived on a motorcycle. 

...Long story, but we may or may not have constructed a modern alternate universe for The Lord of the Rings. (Tolkien, I am so, so sorry.) 

If you could steal a costume or an outfit from a show/movie, which one would you take?

Well, I mean, I already have lots of pieces for an H. M. Murdock outfit.

leather jacket: check. 
black and white sneakers: check. 
a graphic t-shirt of some sort: check. 
khaki pants: khaki skorts count?
baseball cap: I should really acquire one of my own, but for now I'm good borrowing one of my brothers'. 

The leather jacket would be even better if it had a tiger on the back, and the sneakers would be even better if they were Converse hi-tops, but, you know what...we're not gonna be too picky. I'm decked out in passable Murdock gear and that's all that matters. 

What was the last line in a book, line in a movie, or lyric in a song that hit you hard? 

Oh this is such a hard one. I think I'll have to go with a line from The Last Full Measure, by Jeff Shaara, that I just read the other day.

...Only I can't just quote the line at you and expect you to get it, because there's context involved, you see. It's the context that gives these things punch. 

So, if you've seen the movie Gettysburg or read Michael Shaara's novel The Killer Angels or if you're just a big Civil War buff, you might know that one of Robert E. Lee's disadvantages going into the Battle of Gettysburg was that he didn't have complete information about the movement of the Northern army. He was supposed to rely on the word of his cavalry, led by J. E. B. Stuart. But Stuart didn't report in time. 

In the Shaara saga, Stuart is portrayed as a high-spirited, immature, boyish officer whose fatal flaw is that his desire to "get his name in the papers" sometimes distracts him from doing his duty by Lee, whom he loves like a father. 

I'm really not big on Stuart in the movie Gettysburg, where he only appears for one brief scene; but I kind of fell in love with him when I read Gods and Generals, the prequel to The Killer Angels (written by Michael Shaara's son, Jeff Shaara). He's just...such a kid. Always trying to impress Lee. Always very flamboyant. Always saluting and sweeping his feathered hat off his head, and getting his feelings hurt all too easily when Lee has to reprimand him. He takes everything very personally. It's no wonder he offers to resign when Lee takes him to task for his failure at Gettysburg. 

ANYWAY. Early on in The Last Full Measure, which picks up just after the battle of Gettysburg, Jeff Shaara gives us this description of how great Stuart's been lately about reporting promptly to Lee. And it ends with the line, (I may be off a word or two as I can't find the exact quote), "Lee would never be left blind again." 


...I suppose that's not the most recent line in the novel that got me, because chapters later, Lee starts thinking about all the good generals he's lost recently--Jackson killed, Early weakened, Hill sick, Longstreet seriously wounded--and these are all devastating on both a personal and a strategic level. And then there's this bit, on page 201 of my edition:

"Who is it that I can trust to take a fight to the great numbers, and who will prevail? The name burned in his mind, the laughing face, the red beard, the ridiculous hat. Of course, he thought...Stuart." 


...okay, wow. Apparently I have a Lot of Thoughts about these books. Or Feelings, rather. I have a Lot of Feelings. 

3 things about me:


1. I have a new love for swing dancing! (And have discovered, incidentally, that you don't need to be good at something in order to love it.)

2. I got to use the TYPEWRITER at work the other month. *bounces up and down because this is happifying* 

3. The last play I saw was the outdoor drama Tecumseh, and guys. If you're ever in Chillicothe, OH during the summer. You have. To see. This play. (I'm not sure if I've gotten over what it did to my heart yet, but I am sure I don't want to get over what it did to my heart.)

a link to my best posts:

Oh jeepers jeepers. 

I really like A Tribute to Many Madmen

Also The Mother of Giants: G. K. Chesterton and Humility. (Although I'm salty at myself for neglecting to include the GKC quote, "Humility is the mother of giants," anywhere in that post belongs, for obvious reasons.)

A Tribute to George Bailey, I like. Also the Magnificent Seven posts on Chico and Chris

For a long time the Philosophical Discussion on Sin and SpongeBob had the most pageviews, though. And honestly...I wish it still did. 

nominate 10-20 bloggers:

I'm bad at tagging people, and anyway I've already done this once before, so--steal it if you so please, it's a fun one. A very very fun one. In fact these questions are so much fun that I'm gonna take the last rule,

5 new questions:,

and just totally disobey it. You can keep the old questions. Here they are again for your convenience--I'm gonna paraphrase, which probably makes the act of plagiarism worse (sorry Elizabeth), but I guess I'm envisioning you guys answering the questions in the comments in which case you just need reminders of what the questions were.

*pants because that explanation was way longer than it needed to be*

what was your first ship?
what's your most unique possession?
what 3 fictional characters would you want at your surprise party, and why? AND/OR which fictional character would you like to be your partner-in-crime for a prank?
which outfit from cinema would you steal?
what's the last bit of fiction that ripped your heart out and stuffed it back in again?
(okay i shifted the meaning there by making it less specific. if i'd been asked this particular thing, i would have said, "Tecumseh." without a doubt.)


  1. First off, this post was delightful to read. :P
    As for answering the questions...uh. I didn't tend to watch movies/read books with potential ships in them as a kid (I mean, I wasn't even a Disney princess fan, ha), so I think perhaps I'd have to say the main couple in the movie Enchanted when I was about 9 was my first real ship, if only because it was like the first romance I ever got into (or even potential romance, heh).
    *tries to think of a unique possession* Uh...a full set of china? A desk with a bookcase that has glass doors that lock? (I'm pretty sure that's mine at least, heirloom that's sat in my room for years and would eventually come to me anyway, I think).
    So I don't tend to play pranks, but I would invite the exact same people as you to the party. :P It would just be too much fun, okay?!
    I think I might have to say Mary Poppins' basic nanny outfit. It's just so classy and Victorian (although, heh, I'm not quite sure how historically accurate it is, but Victorian clothing is def. my favorite type, and that was the only outfit I could think of along those lines. :P) this is a really tricky one because I haven't been reading or watching fiction lately. But as far as songs go, One More Pull is technically historical fiction because it's not a trad folk song...but it wasn't the lyric that ripped my heart out (although the lyric is lovely, I had heard it before and didn't have my heart ripped out) it was the harmony on a particular version that just came out (The Longest Johns/The Wellermen, I'm a broken record). And really any of the lyrics in that version would do it (though we'll say 'It's one more pull boys, that'll do boys...for the journey's nearly done), because the whole thing is literally the most gorgeous harmony I've ever heard (and I pretty much listen only to harmonic music). If that doesn't count, is it weird to say my own fictional characters have been totally ripping my heart out of late--'cuz that's the only other fiction I've been involved with, heh. But they have been ripping my heart out legitimately (somehow they've gotten even to the Grim Writer). Particularly the dynamic between Tom and Gregor. :)
    Anyway, so much fun reading this, and thinking of my own responses to some of the questions, ha. Thankee' kindly, dear, and blessings on you and yours!

    1. Wow am I behind on the commenting game... Thank you, Grim!

      Ooh Enchanted is a good one! I think. I've never seen it all the way through, but I think I caught the end of it one time and thought it looked promising? Haha.

      Eeeh both those unique possessions sound so cool! Family heirlooms are the best. As are things that become yours by right of inhabiting your room for so long. :)

      Oh gosh....I'm so glad my boys have made the cut. XD

      Ooh! Yes! Mary Poppins! And Victorian outfits in general! Not that I'm an expert by a long shot, but yeah. Definitely fits your aesthetic. *nods*

      Oh say. I will have to look up One More Pull now. And it is definitely not weird to say that your characters have been ripping your heart out lately. I BELIEVE IT. I'm very very nervous for your characters now.... (Have I mentioned how much I love them? And TOM AND GREGOR. *whimpers in fear of what you're going to do to those two*)

      So glad 'twas enjoyable, dear Grim! Thank you and blessings upon you and yours as well!

  2. Loved this!
    I am a huge fan of taking characters and putting them in wildly different attire too. Or things like behind the scenes photos of Kirsten Dunst wearing the pink Marie Antoinette dress, sunglass, and she's sitting on a motorcycle. It's the best.
    The fact that you got someone to autograph a book and he hesitantly wrote his name under 'I didn't write this' is hilarious.
    XD Plagiarize me as much as you want, I really liked the questions and I'm sure I've done my share of plagiarism.

    1. I get so excited asking questions, sometimes I forget just how hard being on the spot and answering the questions can be sometimes lol.

      As far as first ships go I was (still am honestly) kind of basic. I feel like if I noticed that characters were supposed to be a thing I shipped it to some degree or other regardless. Somehow it didn't occur to me that you could be pickier about it for ships that you actually care about until later. One of the earliest ones that I remember that I still ship is Edward and Kim from Edward Scissorhands. Also Sam and Austin from A Cinderella Story. Austin is definitely flawed, but I will go down with that ship anyways. Chad Michael Murray in that movie was probably one of my first crushes.

      I do have a couple not super common things that I own, but I'm trying to think of something really specific...oh! actually I have what I assume is the heel of a miner's shoe. When my family started hanging out with Skye's family years ago one of the first outings we did was going to this random abandoned mine for some reason. The shoe heel thing doesn't look like much but it definitely looks like it's part of an old shoe.

      As far as pranking goes the first person coming to mind is Loki. I just saw Leap Year recently and I think Declan would definitely be fun to pull pranks on people with.
      As far as birthdays go maybe, Klaus (Umbrella Academy), Beth Harmon (The Queen's Gambit) mostly because I would love to meet her, gosh there's so many good options, Duckie (Pretty in Pink) he seems like he'd be fun to hang out with.

      Did I really ask these questions? I apologize, they're really difficult.
      Honestly I love Elizabeth Swann's pirate outfit. I think it's the brown one in the second movie.

      Not sure if this counts but Fleabag definitely had some lines in it that got me. Everything is escaping me at the moment but mostly it's like you were mentioning, context is everything sometimes.
      I think I was rereading Ocean at the End of the Lane when I was writing these questions. The 'You don't fail at being a person my dear' is one but there was a whole conversation before that. Pretty much the whole book really.

      Anyways again, loved the tag/this post!

    2. Ack I'm late I'm late to a very important date, said the White Rabbit...! So sorry for the delay in comment replies of late. :)

      So glad you approve of my answers to the tag you tagged me for, Elizabeth! Such good questions you thought up.

      A Marie Antoinette dress + sunglasses & motorcycle does indeed sound fantastic.

      You know, I am uncultured swine and have never seen Edward Scissorhands OR A Cinderella Story. But I trust that your first ships are quite shippable. :D

      OOH. AN OLD MINER'S SHOE? I WANT ONE. I think we found an old horseshoe in our neighbors' barn one time, but a miner's shoe is cooler...

      Eep Loki. He is the only of your fellow pranksters/birthday party invitees whom I recognize (again, uncultured swine) but HE WOULD BE SUCH FUN TO PLAY PRANKS WITH. (Actually, he would really stress me out. Pranks in general actually stress me out in real life, I think. But...yeah, gotta have Loki on your prank team.)

      You did and they are very cruel questions. Shame on thee for a heartless individual. It's been awhile since I've seen PotC 2, but Elizabeth's costumes are usually fun.

      "You don't fail at being a person my dear." I really like that. Have you ever read Brideshead Revisited, by any chance? That line gives me the same kind of vibes as my precious Sebastian Flyte from that book. *sobs*

      So glad, m'dear! Thanks for the questions, again!

  3. Lolll Give me some more off that Tolkien alternate universe! Are these characters from a legit book you wrote? Sorry for probably not paying attention to a post where you explained that.
    That line about Lee and Stuart is sad. Like, super sad. I have the book the Killer Angels, and I should really read it soon. I love the movie Gettysburg.

    1. It's such a fun AU! I kinda wanna convince my sisters to come on the blog and share their illustrations for it, but...I don't think they're game. Which is fine. Creative freedom and all that. *sigh* They are, yes! Sorry, I should've linked an earlier post for context. Um. They're from the Comic Space Opera, which is described/has a bunch of WIP posts linked on this Works in Progress page:

      GETTYSBURG IS SUCH A FANTASTIC MOVIE. *clears throat* Ahem. I can be dignified about this. Gettysburg is one of my very favorite movies. I actually much prefer it to the books, I think, but the books help sustain the Gettysburg fix over an extended period of time, if ya know what I mean. :)

    2. How lame of your sisters! Gosh.
      I remember you talking about the Comic Space Opera. What a fabulous name! LOL
      It's amazing. I get you completely. The longer the epicness can be sustained, the better.

    3. ...You know what I could probably wrangle them into an interview.

      Glad you approve of the name! Heehee. We have fun with it.

      Yup yup yup. ...Jeepers, I need to actually read the rest of The Last Full Measure. (I bought it primarily to find out what happens to Tom, because I've never had the nerve to research whether he survived the war, and only want to hear it from the Shaaras who introduced him to me. And then I put off reading it primarily to avoid finding out what happens to Tom. And then I worked up the nerve to start it...and now I'm stalling again. Because TOM.)

  4. Fred an d Daphne always loved them. I turned out to be Velma too. XD
    Loved your answers.

    1. They're so cute. So infinitely shippable. And you know what, I think the world needs more Velmas, so we should start a club. ;)

      Thanks, Skye!

  5. I guess it's good not everybody does this, because then there wouldn't be any tags to do it WITH, but I love just passing a tag on to the commenters to do in the comments.

    1) First ship: I was racking my brains to figure this one out, but then I realized: definitely Duchess and Thomas O'Malley from The Aristocats. I don't think I remember even beginning to ship them. I still adore the part where he says, taken aback, "Whoa, your eyes really ARE like sapphires." xD (It's...such a good movie. Still one of my favorites.)

    2) Most unique possession: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........................
    That Dale Ahlquist autograph story made me grin, though. That's awesome.

    3) I honestly can't think of anything better than having Dar, Jude, and Ferdy at your party. Maybe having Alverstoke and the Merrivilles (from Frederica)? And the Boromir prank is hilarious. That's something my sister would do, I feel like.

    4) Murdock's outfit is comfy, that's the thing. My sister wears hers all the time. And...Murdock. Who doesn't want to look like Murdock. I think I would steal one of Jane Seymour's dresses from The Scarlet Pimpernel movie, though. Gosh they are beautiful. Or maybe one of Lauren Bacall's outfits in Key Largo? I really like those. Or...actually I think I'd like to wear what Jane wears in the animated Tarzan. Yeah. I'll go with that. Elegant nerd, that's me. xD

    5) Heart-ripping fiction: .....I just read "The Grey Havens." It hurts.

    (Swing dancing is the bestest thing!!!!! Being dipped and swung and swirled is so exhilarating. You're lucky too, having brothers, if they'll dance with you at least. Do you have any favorite tricks?)

    1. It's so painless, y'know? And then you get to actually SEE people's answers, like, right away. Without having to wait. It's great.

      1) DUCHESS AND THOMAS. Oh man, that's a great one. I loved that movie SO MUCH when I was a wee lass. (But you know what....I think that was before I had any eye for the romantic? Dang, there was a time before I had an eye for the romantic?)

      2) Isn't it? I'm so happy my mom made him sign it despite his protests. XD

      3) Aw shucks. Ooh I need to read some Georgette Heyer! I was just thinking that maybe an hour ago, actually, that come the fall and mystery-reading time I'll have to get my hands on some Georgette Heyer. And Boromir is the best, as has been recently established by a certain brilliant post by a certain Sarah Seele.

      4) Tis quite comfy, especially in the cooler weather. Oh say I haven't seen The Scarlet Pimpernel movie in forever and a day, I kinda wanna revisit it now. And Jane's outfit! Such good choices you have.

      5) ....oh Sarah. oh Sarah. you poor dear. *sends hugs*.

      (It is so much fun! Unfortunately my brothers are not particularly swing-dance-y, nor do I have any favorite tricks. So far I've only been, like, twice. And am happy if I get through a dance without trampling on someone's toes. But it's so much fun.)


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